Rich Gossweiler
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Mehran Sahami, Rich Gossweiler, Manish Patel, John Blackburn, David Brown, Neha Gupta, Marisa Bauer, Thomas Taylor, Andrea Knight, Tim Heilman, Maricia Scott, Alice Tull, Mark Wagner, Lucy Zhang
In the early days at Google we designed a TV Listings system that allowed people to search, discover and explore TV shows world wide. To do this, we had to gracefully deal with what the user told us (their zipcode, whether they had cable, etc.). We built a dual-wield system that allowed them to navigate either through a filtered list on the left, or a time x channel grid on the right.
Manish Patel, Rich Gossweiler, Mehran Sahami, John Blackburn, David Brown, and Andrea Knight, proceedings of the 1st international conference on Designing interactive user experiences for TV and video, pp. 95-104. ACM, 2008.